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Our research focuses on studying the structure, function and folding of peptides and proteins.
The sequence of amino acids in a protein determines its structure and function.

Methods :
(1) Synthesize peptides using biochemical methods.
(2) Multidimensional NMR measurements.
(3) Absorption, CD and fluorescence measurements.
(4) Computer simulation.

Genome Profile DataBase

HPSG DataBase

XCC DataBase

KPSG DataBase


Protease DataBase

KEGG Searching Tool

SARST Searching Tool




Our research focuses on Bio-Database construction,
Protein Structure Comparison, Protein Structure Modeling,and Computer-Aid Drug Design.

Methods :
(1) Mysql Database.
(2) PHP programming langage.
(3) Perl programming langage.
(4) Docking Softwares & 3D-QSAR Packages.
(5) Other Bio-softwares.

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